Chance’s Pedigree

                                                         Certificate of Pedigree

        Dog:    Krystal Creek’s Last Chance                  Owner:   Al Harmeyer                              Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

         Org:   American Kennel Club                                       Breeder:    Tracy Harmeyer                               Sex: Male

                                   Second                                        Third                                        Fourth

                                                                                                    7    Kristan Vom Pottsiepen

                                                                                                    HD Free    

                                        3   Orson Vom Pottsiepen

                                        Black Roan    HD Free

                                                                                                    8    Ilka Vom Pottsiepen

                                                                                                    HD Free

             1    Krystal Creek’s First Class Klaus

             Black Roan  OFA Good

                                                                                            9    VC Int CH Shooting Starr’s Sharp Shooter MH

                                                                                                    Liver Roan Ticked     OFA Good

                                        4   Krystal Creek’s Accurate Aim SH

 Sire                                  White and Liver/Patched and Ticked   OFA Good

                                                                                                    10  VC Hawkeyes OO Bucks KC SH

                                                                                                    Liver Roan    OFA Excellent

 Krystal Creek’s Last Chance

Black & White/Patched & Ticked  

                                                                                                  11  Lage’s Max-A-Million MH

                                                                                                    Liver Roan       OFA Good

Dam                                  5    Krystal Creek’s Country Rock MH

                                         Liver Roan     OFA Excellent

                                                                                                12  VC Hawkeyes OO Bucks KC SH

                                                                                                    Liver Roan  OFA Excellent

             2    Krystal Creek’s Store The Kirby

             Liver & White Ticked    OFA Excellent

                                                                                            13  VC Autumn’s Ace-In-The-Hole

                                                                                                    Liver Roan   OFA Good

                                         6    Krystal Creek’s I’ll Fly Away MH

                                         Liver Roan  OFA Good

                                                                                              14  Krystal Creek’s Bandy

                                                                                                     Liver Roan    OFA Good


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