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Text Box: Hi Tracy, just wanted you to know I love my dog Elly.  She seems to be everything I wanted.  I wonít know how she hunts until Oct. but she is smart and loving.  
Thank You, 
Reno, NV
Text Box: Hi Tracy and Anthony.
Thanks so much for doing such a great job at raising Leroy, he is just wonderful!  The vet said to complement the breeder on such a gorgeous pup.  Thanks to Rock and TT also for having such an easy going son.  He is quick to learn and mellow and always on an even keel.  Mike has had him on a bird.  Heís not afraid of anything and is very willing to please.  He is still really cuddly and will crawl up in your lap for a snooze and a hug if you kneel down.  I donít know how much longer my lap will be big enough for him!  Have a great summer!
-Mike and Kim 
Lakeville, MN
Text Box: Hi Tracy,
Casey is such a super dog!  She has beautiful markings and many a person has stopped us to tell how beautiful she is.  Dave and Casey went out today pheasant hunting and they got four birds in total.  She is pointing birds excellent.  Dave is so, so, impressed with her abilities, he is so pleased how she is doing at less than a year old.  She loves to snuggle with me on the couch nightly and will snuggle in bed with me until Dave kicks her out.  She talks quite a bit and she smiles!  Thanks again for the gift of Casey, we donít know what weíd do without her!
Sincerely, Karen and Dave
Grays Lake, IL
Text Box: Tracy,
I have done some hunting with Greta in the past few weeks and what a difference from last year.  She has been holding point and hasnít bumped a bird the past two times out.  Her retrieving skills are fantastic along with her field obedience.
Thank you for your time and Training.
Troy Waltersdorf
Wales, WI
Text Box: Hi, 
Just wanted to let you know I had Gretís hips x-rayed and she got evaluated as excellent.  I had her eyes and heart done a couple months ago and they were both normal as well.  Also with a little luck and a little more training we can walk away with a good score in Utility next month at the Buckeye Chapter Test.  After that itís on to finishing our training for a Master Hunt Title.
I would also like to take a moment to thank you for the amazing little dog you sold me, she acts just like her dad (Klaus), a lover in the house and a bird crazy maniac in the field.  Her force fetch took three or four weeks and everything else was just about all natural.  
Thank you,
Stewart Smith
Heath, OH
Text Box: Dessa is the most absolutely fabulous-est dog ever, we're so proud of her and are excited to bring her along and show her off.  People who "don't like big dogs" think she's just great.  People who "can't believe I have two German Shorthairs in the house" have told me that they'd have one too, if they were all like Dessa.  She's a total Shorthair in the yard and field, but a ďcomplete Golden RetrieverĒ in the house.  It's just great.
Susan Olson
Austin, MN
Text Box: Just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased we have been with the training Birdie got.  She is a wonderful dog in the house and out in the field.

Thanks Again,
Andrea and Rick Harvey
Ishpeming, MI
Text Box: Hello! Just wanted to pass along a quick testimonial about a puppy we got from Krystal Creek Kennels last year. We got Tater in October 2013 and he has been a great addition to our family! It's only Carson and I so he's like our child! His first winter out he got a little hunting time in at the game farm and did wonderful! Now he's getting attention from anyone hunting in our group because of the incredible hunting he displays! His points are rock solid! Rarely did he go out and not get a limit of woodcock or partridge this Fall. If he didn't get the limit, it was more the fault of the shooter than the dog! He will be on pheasants the rest of the year! Just a great all around dog! We both run marathons so he does some training with us and he loves to cuddle! We had a lot of warnings about getting a GSP that they are a high energy breed and some said they never settle down for a good "couch dog." Although he likes to run he has no problem settling down on the couch for belly rubs and brings his blanket out when he's ready for bed! We were also told by some that GSP don't really like water but once he learned to swim, we can't keep him out any pond we have been to. Seems to be the perfect all around dog! I'll attach a few pictures! The pictures in the field are from last March so about 7 mos old. Thanks again for such a great dog! He's spoiled and loved!
Carson Carriveau & Nikki Kelsey

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