Krystal Creek’s Hudson Hornet


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                                                Certificate of Pedigree

        Dog:    Krystal Creek’s Hudson Hornet                  Owner:   Steve Harmeyer                       Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer

         Org:   NAVHDA                                                 Breeder:    Tracy Harmeyer                  Sex: Male

                Second                                                     Third                                               Fourth

                                                                                                    7    VC Shooting Starr’s Lonesome Joe

                                                                                                    OFA Good, Liver Roan, NA 106 P1, UT 201 P1, IT 200 Pass

                                               3   VC Dankar’s Nevada

                                               OFA Good, Liver Roan NA 112 P1, UT 195 P1, IT 200 Pass

                                                                                                    8    Grouse Points Etta Brune

                                                                                                    OFA Good, Liver Roan Ticked, NA 112 P1, UT 182 P2

                  1   North Pointe Ritter Von Arrow

                        OFA Good, Liver Patched & Roan, NA 110 P1, UT193P2

                                                                                                   9  VC Roughneck Walk the Line

                                                                                                    OFA Excellent, Liver & White Ticked, NA 112 P1, UT 192 P1, IT 200 Pass

                                               4   Dutch Hollow Borealis of the North

Sire                                                 HD Free, Liver & White Patched & Roan, NA 110 P1

                                                                                                    10  VC Jjem’s Julia

                                                                                                    OFA Excellent, NA 96 P3, UT 204 P1, IT 193 Pass

     Krystal Creek’s Hudson Hornet

    White & Liver Ticked, NA 108 P2

                                                                                                    11  Lage’s Max A Million

                                                                                                           OFA Good, Liver Ticked, UT 202 P1

 Dam                                       5   Krystal Creek’s Country Rock

                                               OFA Excellent, Liver Roan, NA 105 P1, UT 204 P1

                                                                                                    12  VC Hawkeyes OO Bucks K.C. MH

                                                                                                        OFA Excellent, Liver Roan, NA 106 P1, UT 201 P1, IT 188 Pass

                  2    Krystal Creek’s Visit From Aunt Flo

                 HD Free, White & Liver Ticked  UT 198 P1

                                                                                                   13 Krystal Creeks Firstclassklaus SH

                                                                                                     OFA Good, Black Roan, NA 106 P2, UT 189 P1

                                               6    Krystal Creek’s Bag O’Evil Trix

                                               OFA Good, Liver Patched & Ticked, NA 108 P2, UT 177 P3

                                                                                                    14  VC Krystal Creek’s Quadra Jet MH

                                                                                                    OFA Good, Liver Patched & Ticked, NA 100 P3, UT 199 P1, IT 173 Pass