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German Shorthaired Pointer

†Born October 27th

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Frank Degott, Clarksville IN

Cell: 812-987-1270


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Krystal Creekís Mac Aronni


Natural Ability 108 Prize II

NAVHDA UT 190 Prize II

Hips Are OFA Good

German Shorthaired Pointer

White & Liver

Mac has a great personality and is always doing goofy things to make us laugh. His pointing, retrieving and love of water came naturally.† His sire is Heinz (he is on our Stud Dog Page) and his dam is Flo, from our line.† What captured our hearts as a young pup is his need to pick things up and bring them to you!† His want to please is tremendous and he will do anything we show him.† He started doing great duck searches on his fourth trip over to the duck search area.† He is a really nice house dog and we can leave him loose and he lays on the couch!† When in the field or at the pond, he shows great drive and tenacity.† He has hunted in Northern WI, Iowa and North Dakota.


Heidi has a lot of drive and natural talent.† She is a great house dog and companion to our friend Frank.† She naturally likes to point, retrieve and loves the water.† We have helped with Heidiís training since she was a pup and she has turned into quite a nice dog.† We know and helped train her brother and her grandmother, all very nice dogs.† It does not matter if itís going after ducks, pheasants, ruffed grouse or just lounging on the couch, Heidi is more than willing to participate!† Heidi earned a Utility prize 1 and is now preparing to run in the Invitational in 2022.† She has hunted wild birds in Montana, North Dakota, Michigan and Northern WI.

Heidi Vom Hidden Creek


Natural Ability 106 Prize II

NAVHDA UT 204 Prize I

Hips pending

German Shorthaired Pointer

Liver Ticked