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Training Programs For Flushing, Retrieving & Pointing Breeds

Obedience...Gun Dog Training...Hunt Test Preparation and Handling

Our programs are tailored to fit the individual needs of the handler/owner and the dog.  We really Care about you and your dogs well being.  Our goal is to find a Solution to your dog training needs by forming Partnerships with our customers.  It is important that we train YOU to train Your dog.  We donít just teach your dog to do itís job, we make it a habit.

Private Lessons (last for about an hour):

Obedience lessons:† You are taught to train your own dog.† We get together once a week for four or five weeks, our place or yours*.†† In the lesson we show you how to teach your dog, you get to practice working your dog and we give you drills to work on at home between sessions.† Buy four or more sessions and get a discount.

Hunting Training lessons:† We spend half of the time on your dogs hunting skills and the other half on obedience and drills you can do at home between sessions.

Monthly Training (you leave the dog with us and visit once a week to see progress and learn commands)

Obedience Training: One month is recommended.

Hunting Training:†† We work on your dogs hunting skills and obedience.† One to three months is recommended, depending on the goals you set for your dog.

In one month we can introduce your dog to birds, gun fire and do some light obedience.

Hunt Test Training is usually three to six months

Gun Dog Training Programs† each level takes three months to complete, we recommend one level per training season:

® Beginning ††introduction to birds, gun fire, water (weather dependent), tracking, obedience, e-collar and start whistle training.

® Intermediate† strengthen obedience, steadiness on game, trained retrieve, finish whistle training.

® Advanced† enhance steadiness training, hand signals, backing, etc...

Gun Shyness (3 to 6 months, depending on severity)† We† fix several gun shy dogs a year with great success.

*There is a fee for travel

It takes about two years to fully train a dog for obedience and/or hunting.† We give you the tools to train your dog, it is up to you to use those tools to complete your dogs training.

Call or e-mail for availability and prices.

We encourage all of our training and boarding dogs to have fun.

Training Programs

We recommend mailing a $300.00 Deposit to secure a spot.

It will be applied toward your first months training and is non-refundable.

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